Instagram Content Planner: How to Use and Why It Helps Ease Posting Paralysis

How to use your Instagram content planner

I won’t admit how much time it took my virtual assistant and I to create this “3 Steps To Easy Content Planning” fillable PDF, but… let’s just say “done is better than perfect” wasn’t an option for this baby!

After feedback from hours and hours of client work, consulting and live workshops, this super actionable and concise content planner was born to make “what should I post!?” a question of the days of yore.

Even though it’s pretty intuitive, if you would like a little elaboration on how to get the most of the content planner, read on!

Step 1: Determine your “five content pillars.” Make them super broad and rotate. The five content pillars we outlined can apply to almost any business, so honestly, you can simply do nothing and keep these if they work!

Step 2: Fill in each colored number line with a content pillar from Step 1. (These will be used to complete Step 3).

Step 3: Use the color coded boxes to coincide with the 5 pillars you filled out in Step 1.

This is the part where you need to jump in, but in case the creativity is flowing like molasses then jump to page two, where we have provided examples to get your synapses firing!

Since the download is fillable, you can reuse your planner over and over again every 10 days, making sure you use each pillar to keep your content varied and valuable to your audience. (PS: don’t you even THINK about skipping the “sales pitch” posts, you hear me!?)

PRO hack: In a pinch? Scroll through your feed and repost or re-purpose older posts. I promise no one will notice, but if you think they will, then simply change up the photo but copy and paste the same caption! You can even archive the duplicate if you want, although I swear no one will be the wiser either way. (You can copy and paste captions from the desktop version of Instagram, but not the mobile, FYI.)

Now for the fun part: grab your 3 Steps to Content Planning here, and dive in!