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Are you a social media manager?

No ☺️ I coach you to optimize your Instagram business profile and provide you with customized plug-and-play content to use as you see fit (it could mean you don’t create ANY content in addition to what I provide, or, you use what I create in conjunction with your own content.) Posts I create can be used as “templates” as well for any content you create yourself.

How do I get content to you?

You can put your logo, font files, photos, etc. into Google Drive or Dropbox. If you don’t have any of these things, I will use stock photography. All new clients are asked to fill out a brand questionnaire as well so I get a better feel for your goals and aesthetic.

Will people be able to tell the difference in my content versus what you create for me?

I am experienced in creating a seamless transition from content you've already posted/or will post and have an eye for establishing a cohesive feed. All new clients are asked to fill out a brand questionnaire as well so I get a better feel for your goals and aesthetic. We may also discuss “archiving” older posts from your current feed depending on your goals.

Do you offer payment plans?

The Mini Makeover and The Starter Kit must be paid in full prior to our call/starting the work. The Whole Kit and Kaboodle can be broken down into two payments- one prior to starting the work and the second after delivering 10 of the static posts and 10 of the Stories.

Do you use stock photos or am I responsible for the photography if I choose The Starter Kit or The Whole Kit and Kaboodle?

This is totally dependent on your needs and type of business. We will discuss options on our discovery call!

How is the content delivered to me?

I will upload the posts and Stories (complete with the caption and hashtags for static/grid posts) into the Instagram scheduler of your choice (Plann, Planoly, Tailwind, Later, etc.) if you have an existing account. If you don’t, I will ask you to create an account prior to the start of work and provide me with the login details.

Can I make revisions?

Sure! The captions will be easily editable within the scheduling app (or directly in Instagram) and I will provide you with the editable Canva files. I can make revisions to any Canva files on a case-by-case basis.

Do you post on my behalf?

I no longer offer this as a service as I am not a social media manager. However, you will find that having the content ready to go will save you BOATLOADS of time and energy! All you’ll have to do is hit “post” once the content is uploaded. You will also be responsible for replying to comments, DMs, and outwardly engaging with your audience.

Are you available for questions outside of our consulting call?

Of course! I prefer voice texts or Voxer (carpal tunnel much?). However, even I take the weekends off of all things social media ☺️ I offer additional support and 1:1 coaching for $55/hour if you want to continue working together after your package is complete or if you feel you need more hand holding.

What type of payment do you accept?

Bank transfer (preferred) or credit card through my secure software, Honeybook. My members only Facebook group uses PayPal subscriptions.

How do you store your clients’ passwords for the scheduling apps?

I use Lastpass.

Who designed your site and took your awesome photos?

Left Coast Made and Katie Iredale Photography!


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