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Hey, I’m Molly!

I teach busy businesses who are frustrated with their traction on Instagram CURRENT, REALISTIC, ACTIONABLE and BRAND BOOSTING strategies.

Learn to love the YOUR Instagram again!

No secret hacks here… only CURRENT best practices for making sure your brand is seen and heard consistently!


…because no matter how amazing your content is, you won’t get ANY traction without these steps 😘

And because ticking off a checklist is so satisfying!


Why You Need Instagram

- THERE are 7.6 billion people on the planet.
1 billion of them use Instagram.

- 72% have bought a product they saw on Instagram. 60% discover products on Instagram, and 75% of those people take action.

- 90% of the top 100 brands are on Instagram.

- 500 million people use Stories every day (1/3rd of the most
viewed are from businesses!)

- Over 1/3rd of Instagram users have used their mobile device to purchase a product online.



See What Our Clients Are Saying…

"Since the first week I began working with Molly, my relationship with Instagram for my business went from toxic mess to healthy and thriving. Not only does Molly have an amazing eye for design and detail, but she can write incredibly compelling and engaging captions...and she always NAILS my voice--I honestly can't tell if it's me or her! AND Molly helps me really focus on what matters and not get caught in that rabbit hole comparison trap negative tailspin that just makes me want to quit altogether. Instead she gives me amazing actionable advice and is always coming up with new and innovative strategies for us to try. I'd be lost without Molly's guidance.!"

Kate, Founder of & The Six Figure Blog Academy

Client Testimonial

"It has taken me some time to get used to having a business social media account and I’m still getting comfortable with it. When I handed Molly the key to my Instagram account, my followers tripled in a month’s time!

I’m getting quality followers and enjoying the process. Molly makes everything fun and is a true joy to work with. Thank you, Molly! Women lifting women up!"

Cassie, Certified Massage Therapist

Client Testimonial

“Molly's training changed the game for our small practice's social media. The moment we implemented what we learned, we saw tremendous growth and change over a week's time. Thank you, Molly, we couldn't have done this without you!”

Alison, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Need A Mini Instagram Makeover?

This is for anyone experiencing Instagram Information Overload who needs actionable direction and a fresh set of expert eyes to audit your account 🧐