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Hey, I’m Molly!

I teach businesses to grow their brand using Instagram.

Why you need it

There are 7.6 billion people on the planet.

  • 1 billion of them use Instagram.

  • 72% have bought a product they saw on Instagram.

  • 60% discover products on Instagram.

  • 75% take action.

  • 90% of the top 100 brands are on Instagram.

  • 500 million people use Stories every day (1/3rd of the most viewed are from businesses!)

  • Over 1/3rd of Instagram users have used their mobile device to purchase a product online.


Words from a few happy customers :)

"It has taken me some time to get use to having a business social media account and I’m still getting comfortable with it. When I handed Molly the key to my Instagram account, my followers tripled in a month’s time! I’m getting quality followers and enjoying the process. Molly makes everything fun and is a true joy to work with. Thank you, Molly! Women lifting women up!"

Cassie, Certified Massage Therapist

“Let’s face it, the world of marketing has changed dramatically in the past decade and as a business owner in this day and age I know the importance of keeping up with the times. That’s why I am so blessed and fortunate to have Molly on my marketing team. Although I am a rather newer business (2 years old), I consistently see my marketing investments have huge ROI’s and I know that with Molly’s strategies I have a leading edge on my competition simply by concentrating this new avenue of social media marketing. Overall, I think it’s the most effective form of marketing because you have the opportunity to repeatedly connect with your target market in a non-invasive manner while sharing your story and what you have to offer. Plus with Molly helping me, it has saved me loads of time so I can focus on what’s important to me and my business- helping others.”

Dr. Christina Binder, D.C.